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    A Farm Shoot consists of coming to your farm and shooting any number of horses for personal
    and/or promotional purposes. This could include from halter shots, conformation, headshots, liberty, riding, farm shots and
    artsy type photos. This can even include the farm pets.
  • Service & price schedule
    • $50.00 includes one horse, + .32 cents a mile for over 50 miles
    • Additional horse(s) $20.00 each
    • Ranch shoot for large number of horses, liberty and head shots only. $150.00 a day charges.
    • Several good proofs to choose from. Guarantee one suitable for advertising.
  • Requirements:
    • Horse(s) to be photographed should be clean, clipped, groomed, and ready.
    • Two persons should be on hand to assist with the shoot and a suitable site pre-selected.
    • Horse(s) should be well mannered and cooperative to enable a good shoot.
    • If the horse will not stand, or perform suitably, we cannot guarantee the photos you want, but you will be charged for
      time, mileage, and any images shot.
    • If location is more then 3 hours or 200 miles away one-way, overnight-lodging expenses will be charged.
    • Proofs can and will be viewed online, unless requested to be sent to the customer within 10 working days.
    • Enlargements take 4 weeks from date we receive the order.
    • For rush service call for pricing, all necessary charges will apply.
    • $50.00 farm call if not paid for stills.
    • $20.00 for one horse, $15.00 per additional horse
    • $10.00 per additional videocassette for each horse.
    • You can arrange for a private photo shoot for you and your horse at a horse show for a fraction of the cost of a farm shoot.
    • A horse show sitting will cost $30.00.
    • Breed shows are charged an $150.00 a day plus travel expenses of .32 cents a mile.
    • Unaffiliated competitions are charged an $150.00 a day.
    • All proofs can and will be viewed online.
    • PRICES
      • 4 x 6 = $5.00
      • 5 x 7 = $15.00, 2 @ $25.00
      • 8 x 10 = $25.00, 2 @ $38.00
      • 11 x 14 = $35.00

    • Proofs from your session = $4.00 - $25.00 depending on numbers of photos/images.
    • Computer Photo Editing or Add Design is $30.00 an hour.
    • All prints must be pre-paid including shipping.
    • Photographer retains the right to all negatives/images.
    • Commercial use release included with one 8 x 10 purchase.
    • Unlimited advertising usage photo credit required.
    • All photographs are copyright protected.

    All prices subject to change with out notice

    The images on this web site are for your viewing pleasure only. Images ARE NOT to be downloaded or linked to and are property of Anita Edwards Baumgartner.

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