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Please check back often as photo shoots are being added.


Order all Online available now starting with Ranch Rodeo 07/04/09. You will beable to pick you favorite image and crop the image the way you want it. Even pay with a credit card. You can now get t-shirts, key chains, mugs and many more!   Check it out!

If you do not want to go all online, then print out the order form and
sent it to me. Special orders still contact me and I will be happy to
help with them.
Any questions with this new feature feel free to email me. Anita


All final prints will be croped, color corrected, and printed by a
professional photo lab.

Print out the order form. View your proofs in the proof albums and write your selections on the order form. Mail order form with your check or money order payment.

No order will be filled without full payment.

I will leave 2007 proofs on as long as I have room on the server for them.
If you need to order photos that are no longer posted, please contact me. There is a $25 research and handling fee for photos from 2006 and older.

The images on this web site are for your viewing pleasure only. Images ARE NOT to be downloaded or linked to and are property of
Anita Edwards Baumgartner.

Anita Edwards Baumgartner Equine Photography reserves the right to use photographs for display, publication, advertising, trade, as stock images, and any other lawful purposes. Negatives remain property of Anita Edwards Baumgartner/Equine Photography.
No duplication or use without permission


! Ranch Rodeo's from 2002 !

05.25.02 | 06.022.02 | Yaunt II | 07.04.02 | 08.03.02



Ranch Rodeo

2 Gate Sort


Ranch Rodeo


Circle US Arena




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