Dreaming 4 Gold Equine Photography

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4X6 Print $5.00 ea.
Note: Must order at least three 4x6 photos

      5X7 Print $15.00        **8X10 Print $25.00
**8X12 Print $35.00       **11X14 Print $45.00
**16X20 Print $55.00        8-Wallets $30.00

Images on CD Rom Up to ten images, previewed and corrected as needed and burned on a quality photo CD Rom.
PRICE: $30.00 set up fee, plus $5.00 per image.

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It is illegal to scan, copy or reproduce these images without written permission.

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You should receive your prints within 3-4 weeks from receipt of your order. Thank you for your order.

Dreaming 4 Gold Equine Photography
Anita Edwards Baumgartner
88330 US HWY 71
Danube, MN 56230

Phone: 612.220.9693
Email: dreaming4gold@yahoo.com

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**With the purchase of an 8x10 or larger, you will receive editorial rights This means you may submit the image to magazines for editorial purposes. Must have photo credit listed. These rights do not accompany images purchased at less than an 8x10 size. Images smaller than 8x10 are for personal home display purposes only. No rights may be transferred to another party without photographer's written permission.